About Us

A community focused barbershop like no other in the Petersburg area.

We strive to present a professional and family friendly atmosphere enveloped in warm and welcoming familiarity.   It’s a barbershop where parents feel comfortable bring in their children without fear of profanity or negative music.  Where the young and old at heart have the chance to “chew the fat” with each other.

Our barbers are active in community services, such as back to school drives as well as working with Petersburg City Social Services with local needs.

When you walk out of Styles & Beyond with a sharp haircut, you can’t help but feel a bit of swagger creep into your step. So next time you spot that familiar red and white striped pole, stop in. You’ll be glad you did.

Cuttin’ Up

Guys gather at a barber shop, they love to grin and chat.
That’s where they feel a bit relieved and really chew the fat.
They ask for a special cut or shave, some get a special groom.
They relax and tell their tales in the privacy of the room.
When the barber is finished and he calls for the next one up, another grins and takes the chair and he just keeps on cuttin’ up.