Our Barbers

Calvin McIntyre – Barber and Owner

Experience: Started cutting hair in 1989 in North Carolina. Opened own barber shop in Brooklyn in 1994 and opened Styles in Beyond in 2003 in Petersburg, VA.

Why I became a professional barber: My brother Charles was a skilled barber in our home town, cutting friends and family. One day he asked me to cut his hair and he then realized that I cut better than he did. I started cutting hair in North Carolina, then moved to New York where I obtained my license from Atlas Barber School in Manhattan.

Hobbies: Body Building, working out and helping others obtain their goals in physical fitness.

Derik : Calvin provides a relaxed atmosphere for my haircut experience. His barber skills take 10 years off my look every time he cuts my hair, leaving me feeling refreshed and energized when I leave his shop. Thanks Calvin!

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William Alexander

Why I became a professional barber: I love the challenge and the outcome –making people happy is the goal.

Hobbies: Basketball and playing cards.

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Johnathan Gregory

Johnathan GregoryExperience: I have 1 year of barber experience.

Why I became a professional barber: I’ve always had an interest in the art of barbering. I would cut my own hair in high school and continued to create my profession.

Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Baseball & Music.

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LeVar Burns

LeVar BurnsExperience: I attended American Beauty Academy and Professional Barber & Beauty school to obtain my license.

Why I became a professional barber: As long as i can remember I’ve been drawing haircuts or cutting hair. My parent recognized my passion for the craft early and created a barbershop in the basement for me.

Hobbies: Learning, BBQ and billiards.

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